At Kincardine Castle Kitchen we strive to make the finest baking and preserves, which we sell through independent food retailers.

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Food shouldn’t be about compromises or shortcuts. We do everything we can to make our products as enjoyable and satisfying as they can be.

We use traditional ingredients in all our products and avoid artificial additives, colours and preservatives. Also, we use local Scottish ingredients when they are available – the free range eggs we use come from just over a mile away.

We are a team of passionate cooks and bakers with a wealth of experience in many different parts of the industry. We love cooking, and do everything we possibly can by hand.

If you’re looking for food that’s mass produced, using the latest efficient factory techniques and using ingredients chosen for price and obtained as commodities then this isn’t the website for you and our products aren’t for you. The big supermarkets are already jammed full of products like that.

We cook recipes we know people love in the way we know gets the best results.